Jessica Cronshaw – Founder and AGNI yoga teacher

I believe we should never stop learning and experiencing new things. I enjoy finding new ways to challenge my mind and body and I like to share these moments with others.

Nothing is better than discovering the zone where the present moment is the only thing that matters. I am totally focussed on; what I am doing, who I am with and where I am. And everything else disappears.

Whether I am climbing, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, sitting, resting, breathing. If it slows down my mind and brings me into the present moment – then that is yoga to me.

The most important benefits of yoga for me have been; improved confidence, increased kindness to myself and a greater connection with others.

I started to deepen my knowledge of yoga in 2017 when I started my yoga teacher training with Inspira Yoga International. This training helped me to develop the confidence to share yoga with you. To share the art and the science that helps me to feel calm, steady and clear.