RESCUE ME: Sand candle with black glaze


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Rescuing pots in need is pretty much the reason for AGNI’s existence. I couldn’t bear to watch Matt @littletorchceramics tossing pots outside, into the cold, no home to go to and shattering them into a thousand pieces. ⁣

Matt is a perfectionist so his ‘seconds’ are beautiful. If you don’t want to see lonely pots with shattered dreams on the streets any more, support this worthy cause and give a pot a home 😝😉 #rescueme ⁣


Extra large sand ceramic candle with black interior glaze
Dimensions: height 105mm, diameter 100mm



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AGNI rescued candle. Repurposed large ceramic sand vessel soy wax candle. Ceramic handmade by Matt Cronshaw of Little Torch Ceramics in Manchester.

RESCUE ME: Sand candle with black glaze


Out of stock