Porcelain incense holder + incense sticks


Hand-thrown white porcelain incense holders by Matt Cronshaw of Little Torch Ceramics. Made using a chattering technique to create distinct fractal patterns. Making each one completely unique.

The incense holder comes with one pack of Sacred Elephant incense sticks, choose from: Agarwood, Rose or Sandalwood.

(Diameter: 140mm, height: 40mm)

All items come gift wrapped, see gallery photos, you can also add a gift message to your order at checkout.


Pure Agarwood incense scented with absolute grade Assam Agarwood oil, one of the rarest most precious natural ingredients available. Deep and sensuous with subtle waves of camphor. This cultured fragrance creates a sense of dignified purpose perfect for moments of introspection and meditation.


A romantic, warm and comforting incense using only the purest high grade Rose oils and petals. Unmatched in its beauty and elegance. Sacred Elephant’s Rose incense enhances moments of intimacy and tenderness making it an essential incense for the romantics of this world.


A luxurious, exotic fragrance with woody undertones. Sandalwood incense is the most famous and traditional of scents. Used by ancient cultures across the globe for providing a feeling of calmness, serenity, unity and harmony.

Sacred Elephant handcrafted incense sticks are traditionally prepared using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature. Each stick weighs just over 1 gram, is around 20cm long and will burn for approximately 40 – 45 mins. There are 10 sticks per box.

Each incense holder is made individually by hand at every stage, there are no moulds, no machine processes. Because of the nature of handmade items, it is rare to create identical products and there may be natural blemishes/variations that are not product flaws. These variations are inherent of handmade products, so you may find minor distinctions that make your AGNI incense holder special and truly one-of-a-kind. 




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Agarwood, Rose, Sandalwood


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Porcelain incense holder + incense sticks

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