Candle making for anxiety: Danielle’s heartwarming experience making AGNI meditation candles at home

Danielle experiences anxiety and is always on the look out for new ways to calm her mind. A valued supporter of AGNI, Danielle has been to many of our yoga and meditation workshops. We gave her a refill kit for her AGNI ceramic candle vessels so that she could experience candle making at home, a nice activity to focus the mind during lock down.

Danielle West making AGNI meditation candles at home

Danielle’s ´AGNI at home´ experience

Candle making for anxiety

I suffer with anxiety, particularly when it comes to travelling, and have been known to go to extreme lengths to find calm in the build-up to a flight. One method I’ve adopted is meditating whilst standing in the boarding queue – not the ideal setting for stilling the mind but one which helps me, nonetheless.

Having been to several yoga, mindfulness and candle-making workshops hosted by the wonderfully inspirational Jess at AGNI, I like to think I’ve picked up a technique or two for when I’m practicing relaxation and reflection at home.

Danielle West

Candle making kit

I was sceptical at first of how serene a simple candle could make me feel, but hesitation quickly changed to intrigue as I set eyes upon the beautiful vessels Matt from Little Torch Ceramics had provided, and the wide wicks which would soon hold a flickering focal point.

I enjoyed using my candles so much over the next few months, that when my vessels became empty, I contacted Jess to discuss re-using them and within a week I was sent my own little pack and set of instructions for re-creating my meditation masterpieces.

My lucky dip scent was RELAX, and let me tell you, it’s heavenly. It’s the first thing I noticed when opening my parcel and quickly incentivised me to get going straight away.

Jess’s instructions were amazingly easy to follow, pointing out the safety measures to take and the extra equipment I’d need for best results. The only things I needed to buy were a hot glue gun (you can pick these up from as little as £5 from Wilko or The Range) and a thermometer (again, Wilko for £3 or Dunelm for £4)

Candle making process

The wax at first looks very much like coconut, fragmented and bright white. Once the heat started to melt the lower layers, it began to slide more freely around the bowl, and I was fascinated watching as the different textures intermingled.

Candle making for anxiety, at home kit
AGNI candle making kit

Mixing in my fragrance was incredibly satisfying, seeing the oil swirl and create unique patterns as it moved through the melted wax.

After pouring, I only had to wait an hour for my candles to set, and Jess even includes some great ideas in her instructions for what to do in that time, including my personal favourite, grabbing a fresh brew!

Mindful moments

Candle making is certainly a treat for the senses. From the visual aspect of the changes in consistency, to the strong but soothing smells. You could even put some calming music on to really add to the atmosphere.
From the preparation of my equipment, to pouring my candles and leaving them aside to set, the whole process took me around 60 minutes. Giving up an hour of my morning for several weeks’ worth of flame meditation was, in my opinion, a very worthwhile investment of time.

If you or someone you know could benefit from learning to make candles, get in touch to get involved with our new Kickstarter project.

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